Monday, September 28, 2015

Straight Facts about Invisalign®

By now you’ve probably heard about the clear removable aligners that allow you to straighten your teeth without having sharp metal brackets and wires in your mouth. You may even know someone that used Invisalign® aligners to achieve their best smile. However, there are some interesting facts about Invisalign® and orthodontics you probably don’t know.

 Here are the straight facts:

Invisalign® has been around for over twenty years. It was first developed by two Stanford University graduates in 1997 but wasn’t being used by US orthodontists until two years later. Invisalign was created for teenagers and adults with all their adult teeth who can faithfully follow a treatment plan provided by their orthodontist. It should come as no surprise then that 1 in every 5 patients visiting an orthodontist for braces is over 18 years old. 

Lucky for us, Invisalign® is widely available because nearly 20% of America’s 318 million people have a bite that is considered flawed or ‘not ideal’. That doesn’t sound terrible until you consider a flawed bite can lead to jaw pain, enamel wear due to teeth grinding, it can interfere with speech, and even change the shape of the face. Invisalign® can correct these flawed bites also known as under bite, crowding, overbite, spacing, and deep bite.

If you don’t live in the US you can still get an amazing smile with Invisalign®. It’s offered in more than 45 countries and has treated over 2 million people. In fact, because Invisalign® uses clear, form-fitting plastic trays to gently, and comfortably align teeth, you probably seen someone wearing their Invisalign® aligners and didn’t even know.

One of the biggest and most obvious benefits of Invisalign® aligners is being nearly invisible but they’re also easier to clean than normal braces because they’re removable, require less dental visits than traditional metal braces, are only worn for 22 hours a day, keep the average treatment time to one year, don’t require a restricted diet, and allow for healthier gums. 

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that many celebrities choose Invisalign® when they want to get the most out of their smile. You may have heard of some of them:

Serena Williams                         Justin Bieber
Oprah Winfrey                           Tom Cruise
Khloe Kardashian                      Katherine Heigl

If you've ever considered braces or Invisalign®, go to the Invisalign® website or talk it over with your local Mesa, AZ Orthodontist, Dr. Tyler Robison of Robison Orthodontics.