Monday, February 4, 2013

How to Floss With Braces From Orthodontist Dr. Brent Tyler Robison

There are many children and teens (and some adults) that don't know how to floss with braces. Or they have the misconception that they cannot floss at all if they have braces. But that's not the case at all.  In fact, daily flossing is especially important during orthodontic treatment because you're more likely to have food particles trapped in the braces, bands and wires, which could increase your risk of cavities. 

Robison Orthodontics has some helpful tips below for flossing with braces. 

You can use “Super Floss” or regular dental floss with a floss threader. 

A floss threader will help you get the dental floss underneath your archwires. 

Tear off about 18 inches of dental floss and pull it through the loop of the floss threader.

Insert the pointed end of the bridge threader gently underneath your archwire. Pull it all the way through until the floss is under your archwire.

“Super Floss” dental floss with a stiff end is also available. It is pre-cut and is very easy to insert underneath archwires.

Simply take the stiff end of the dental floss and insert it underneath your archwire. Pull it gently through. 

Once the dental floss is inserted, gently floss in between your teeth.

When you are flossing in between your teeth, remember to gently floss up and down under the gums.

Be sure to floss all of your teeth including the back ones.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

What is Invisalign Mesa ?

Invisalign invisible Braces Mesa, AZ

The Invisalign invisible braces system uses a sequence of tailor-made, clear, plastic aligners to slowly reposition and straighten your teeth. Unlike traditional braces, these aligners are completely removable, requiring no metal wires or brackets. Over 1 million people worldwide have chosen Invisalign invisible races to improve their smile quickly and unobtrusively.

A Process That Fits Your Lifestyle

The Invisalign system is designed to be flexible:

Your Complementary Invisalign Consultation

Dr. Brent Tyler Robison meets with you to discuss any issues you may be experiencing with your teeth. Being an Elite Invisalign treatment provider, Dr. Robison can determine whether you would benefit from treatment with Invisalign invisible braces.

During Your Invisalign Fitting With Dr. Brent Tyler Robison 

Dr. Robison will take pictures and make impressions of your teeth. These will be digitized to form a 3D model that he uses to plan your entire treatment from start to finish.
Your Personalized Invisaling Treatment With Robison Orthodontics
Based on your 3D models, a set of customized aligners will be produced to fit precisely into the treatment plan Dr. Brent Tyler Robison has created for you. The aligners are used in stages: each aligner is worn for about two weeks before being replaced by the next in the sequence, carefully moving your teeth according to plan.

Robison Orthodontics Invisalign Invisible Braces Check-ups

It is easy to graduate from one set of aligners to another, so unlike with traditional braces, you will not need to frequent our office for small adjustments. You will have check-ups so w Dr. Robison can gauge your progress. On average, these appointments occur once every six weeks.

The Best Way to Achieve Your Best Smile With Robison Orthodontics 

With the Invisalign system, time is on your side. Most adults will find that their treatment time is less than one year. Treatment is fast, simple, and subtle because the Invisalign invisible braces system is designed to fit your life. 

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