Monday, January 25, 2016

How To Find The Best Invisalign Provider In Mesa AZ

If you are looking for an orthodontist or dentist who is Invisalign-trained in your area for yourself or your kids, you can easily become overwhelmed by the number of options available. Similar to any other medical need, choosing the correct orthodontist or dentist, it is important that you build a great relationship with them so that they can understand and deliver the treatment you are expecting.
So where do you begin your search for an Invisalign-trained Provider? The best place to begin is at Invisalign’s official site to find a Preferred Provider. Once there, input your zip code and you will be given a list of orthodontists and dentists on a map close to you.
It is important to note how the results are displayed. At the top of the lists are the licensed dental professionals who completed the most Invisalign cases in the last year and not the overall experience of the dental professional.
All the dentists and orthodontists on the list have completed a training course given by Align Technology, Inc. and is required to treat patients wearing Invisaligns. They are not employed by Align Technology, Inc. nor did they pay a fee to Align to be on the list.

The order in which the Invisalign Provider appears on the list is reflected by the historical number of cases completed by the provider, the geographic proximity to the address that was entered, and the age of the patient. Note that this isn’t an exhaustive list of providers and there might be other Invisalign Providers in the area.
Invisalign doctors have various designations like Top 1%, Elite, Premier, Preferred, General, and Teen and these are dependent on the provider's experience and specialty. In cases where multiple providers are in the same practice, the designation will reflect the dental professional with the most submitted cases.

Mesa orthodontist, Dr. Tyler Robison of Robison Orthodontics is an Elite Invisalign provider. For more information on Invisalign treatment please call 480-615-8888 for a free consultation today!